viernes, 1 de febrero de 2008


Today, I'm going to write about my chilhood

I remember when I was a child I lived in my grandparents' house with my parents respectively, and my aunt and uncle was living next to the house of my grandparents, then I used to play hide and seek with my cousins and with my brother and sister, also we played with the ball almost everyday , but sometimes my grandfather was angry, because he didn't like that we were running in the courtyard, in the same way I remember that in Saint's day we used to adorn the altar with flowers, fruits, bread,sweets, etc.

After my family and I moved of house, here we lived with others cousins, with them I used to ride in bycicle, also my sister and I used to play with the dolls, generally on weekend my family and I visited to my grandparents, moreover I used to go to the kindergarden and to play with my classmates, in addition to I danced in the primary on course ends.


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