viernes, 25 de enero de 2008


This day I'm going to write about how I felt in my fifteen years.
I felt very happy when my high school's friends celebrated my fifteen years in the beach, really went an unforgettable day for me, because they to congratulate me, likewise to sing me the birthday song, and gave me beautiful presents, nevertheless the most important went they to accompany me in that special day, in the same way my teachers.
On the other hand we had a lot of fun since we were dancing all kind of music during two hours, after that we went inside the lagoon and on it we were playing volleyball for long hours, really went an incredible experience, moreover my friends to cooperate for a cake and for to buy chicken, and while we were eating they planned to go to see the dolphin in boat to another place very near of it, and though was cloudy we went to it, we take many pictures.
for to end when we returned of to go to see the dolphin I gave thanks to my friends and to my teachers by their accomplish, and I said this is a great moment of my life.

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