miércoles, 19 de noviembre de 2008


Me gustó haber realizado esta actividad, porque pienso que nos ayuda a mis compañeros y a mi a mejorar nuestras habilidades de redacción, y a ver los errores que estamos cometiendo al escribir en inglés.además es una manera muy buena y divertida de aprender inglés. pero sugiero al profesor que revise con más frecuencia los blogs, porque aunque estemos realizando muchos, si alguién no nos dice en que estamos fallando, seguiremos cometiendo los mismos errores. solo es una sugerencia ok. sin más que decir me despido y espero que sean de su agrado mis escritos, bye.


Hi, how are you? Today I’m going to talk about an article that I read and I believe is very interesting for you, is important you follow some advices that I will give you to be a good father, first of all I think that being a good father is a difficult task and a big responsibility,but above all is a great blessing, therefore as a parent you should guide and educate your children with a lot of love and shouldn’t control them, because in this way you won’t be able to maintain a good relationship with your children. Also, you should be a good friend, for example if your son has a problem you should listen to him with attention and give him good advices, this way you will help your children, and she/he will make better decisions, and in the future your children will be very grateful with you. Also I think is very important you give a good example to your children because they will learn from you; probably you can teach them how to treat a woman, or how to take care his family and other things, is important you respect their opinions and decisions, as it is important to tell the truth to your children about everything, because this way they will trust you.

On the other hand I think an important factor is to give affection and warmth to your children and don’t be afraid to tell your child “I love you”, also you should play with them, in the same way you should have good communication with them and to keep a good sense of humor. Finally is important you show support and love through actions, I believe with these advices you can be a good father, that’s all, see you next week. Bye.


Today I´m going to talk about a poem that I read,his poem talks about how is a woman when she is in love, for example the poem says that while most of people sleep at night, a woman who is fall in love can´t sleep or in other words her eyes keep open, because she thinks in that men whom she has interest, and also poem´s author says that her love appear in her dreams and with tears seek him earnestly, but afortunately that man who she thinks, always is with her in bad and in good moments of her life, because someone who wants you will always be with you whatever happens and never will get hurt you and he will always protect of somoething or someone who want hurt your feelings.

I think love is one of the most wonderful things we have in the life, and I believe when someone really has interest on you, he/she will always be with you and will support when decisions you make in the life, I also think someone who love you is not selfish and give you all his love and warmth, that person also cheer up when you most need, and share with you good and bad moments.


Both telephone and email are important technological advances on our life, and although the telephone is a very quick metod of communication, if we use appropiately, email can be much more effective and efficient.

Telephone and email allow us to keep in touch with people around the world, we can interact with friends, family, classmates or someone in special who we want and love so much, help us also when we want to do an important business and we have to establish a conversation with someone in any part of the world.

Telephone is neccesary when we have an emergency, for example, when we are in a dangerous place and want to call our best friend or our family because need someone who help us, also once we are talking by phone with someone, we can resolve situations immediately. The telephone also help us to develop the hability to hear spontaneity and for express what we feel in that moment which we are speaking with another person, we answer quickly what we want to say and we have a free conversation. On the other hand email is a way of sending messages from one person to another using a computer, and we can also wait long hours to get a response, but we can send an important document someone who need it or a text to do homework as a team, in email we have to write and we don´t develop the ability to speak, email is good to make appointments for busy people. And though email we can send photos and documents to our friends and family to share information with them.

Whereas telephone allow us to have communication with people around the world more quickly, and witout be waiting hours to get a response, and to have access to email is cheapest, what is more help us to develop our ability to write, and allow us pass the time with more fun.

martes, 11 de noviembre de 2008


Hí, how are you? Today I´m going to talk about a poem which I read and I believe is very interesting. This poem talks about god, The author says that he will always believe in god whatever happens, even if the rest of the people think differently or don’t believe in god.

He says the most important thing is to have faith because god is always with us. I agree with this because I think it is very important not to loose faith in him, because he always help us when we have a problem, he give us a lot of love, thanks god we can see all wonderful things on the earth, and we can enjoy of a family and of nice friends.
In my personal opinion thanks god I feel lucky because I have a close familia, my family and I enjoy good health and everyday also we have something to eat.

When I read this poem I felt happiness because I think god is the greatest love we have, I think also faith to move mountains, And finally I think we should give thanks him by all happy moments that we had lived, ok that´s all, have a nice day, see you next week.


I’m going to talk about what I understood of this movie called Frankenstein which I saw in the classroom with my classmates in American literature’s class.

Frankenstein unburried a man to carry out an experiment, he wanted to bring him back to life, but he needed a brain, then the Frankenstein’s assistant stole a brain which was in the laboratory of the university where frankestein was studying.
Unfortunately he took the wrong brain, since it was an anormal one, and it was set on that man, after a few days the experiment had sucess, since the man was alive, but he was incontrollable and furios, then Dr. Waldman, his father and his girlfriend Elizabeth weren´t agree with Frankenstein idea, but he doesn´t care what peole thought about him, in fact Dr waldman told him, you are creating a monster. Because he was called monster.

On the other hand Frankenstein had an argument with his father, because he wasn´t agree with his experiment, and he also would want to marry to his son Frankenstein with Elizabeth. Frankenstein also couldn’t control to monster, because he attacked to people and he get exalted with the fire. Ok this is a brief summary of this interesting movie, I believe that´s all bye, have a nice day, see you next week.

viernes, 31 de octubre de 2008


Hi, how are you? I´m fine, ok. Today I´m going to talk about what we should eat and what we should do to be healthy, since I read an article and it seemed very interesting to me, in this article I read that we should eat soya because it help us to keep our healthy skin, as well help us to keep our healthy heart, and it helps people who suffer from osteoporosis and cholesterol, in the same way is recommendable to eat many fruits, vegetables and whole grains because it help us to prevent the age-related macular degeneration (ARMD) by 35%, since it affects 1.75 millon americans and is one of the most important causes of blindness in older adults.

Likewise is advisable not smoking, not drinking in excess, do exercise, and maintaining a healthy weight, and to have also a balanced diet, since if we follow those advises we will get reduce the risk of heart disease by 87%. On the other hand, as you know we shouldn´t eat fatty foods because it has a negative impact on our health, but if we take a brish walk after a meal, we can reduce some of the risk of eating too much fat. In the same way is recommendable don´t consume too salt, since it affects seriously our health, and also is very important you drink tea, because it not only replaces fluid but also is rich in disease- preventing antioxidants, one to six cups of tea daily can lower you risk for heart disease and increase your antioxidant status, ok... that´s all for today, have a nice day and follow these important recommendations. Bye.