martes, 11 de noviembre de 2008


Hí, how are you? Today I´m going to talk about a poem which I read and I believe is very interesting. This poem talks about god, The author says that he will always believe in god whatever happens, even if the rest of the people think differently or don’t believe in god.

He says the most important thing is to have faith because god is always with us. I agree with this because I think it is very important not to loose faith in him, because he always help us when we have a problem, he give us a lot of love, thanks god we can see all wonderful things on the earth, and we can enjoy of a family and of nice friends.
In my personal opinion thanks god I feel lucky because I have a close familia, my family and I enjoy good health and everyday also we have something to eat.

When I read this poem I felt happiness because I think god is the greatest love we have, I think also faith to move mountains, And finally I think we should give thanks him by all happy moments that we had lived, ok that´s all, have a nice day, see you next week.

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