miércoles, 19 de noviembre de 2008


Both telephone and email are important technological advances on our life, and although the telephone is a very quick metod of communication, if we use appropiately, email can be much more effective and efficient.

Telephone and email allow us to keep in touch with people around the world, we can interact with friends, family, classmates or someone in special who we want and love so much, help us also when we want to do an important business and we have to establish a conversation with someone in any part of the world.

Telephone is neccesary when we have an emergency, for example, when we are in a dangerous place and want to call our best friend or our family because need someone who help us, also once we are talking by phone with someone, we can resolve situations immediately. The telephone also help us to develop the hability to hear spontaneity and for express what we feel in that moment which we are speaking with another person, we answer quickly what we want to say and we have a free conversation. On the other hand email is a way of sending messages from one person to another using a computer, and we can also wait long hours to get a response, but we can send an important document someone who need it or a text to do homework as a team, in email we have to write and we don´t develop the ability to speak, email is good to make appointments for busy people. And though email we can send photos and documents to our friends and family to share information with them.

Whereas telephone allow us to have communication with people around the world more quickly, and witout be waiting hours to get a response, and to have access to email is cheapest, what is more help us to develop our ability to write, and allow us pass the time with more fun.

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