martes, 11 de noviembre de 2008


I’m going to talk about what I understood of this movie called Frankenstein which I saw in the classroom with my classmates in American literature’s class.

Frankenstein unburried a man to carry out an experiment, he wanted to bring him back to life, but he needed a brain, then the Frankenstein’s assistant stole a brain which was in the laboratory of the university where frankestein was studying.
Unfortunately he took the wrong brain, since it was an anormal one, and it was set on that man, after a few days the experiment had sucess, since the man was alive, but he was incontrollable and furios, then Dr. Waldman, his father and his girlfriend Elizabeth weren´t agree with Frankenstein idea, but he doesn´t care what peole thought about him, in fact Dr waldman told him, you are creating a monster. Because he was called monster.

On the other hand Frankenstein had an argument with his father, because he wasn´t agree with his experiment, and he also would want to marry to his son Frankenstein with Elizabeth. Frankenstein also couldn’t control to monster, because he attacked to people and he get exalted with the fire. Ok this is a brief summary of this interesting movie, I believe that´s all bye, have a nice day, see you next week.

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