viernes, 31 de octubre de 2008


Hi, how are you? I´m fine, ok. Today I´m going to talk about what we should eat and what we should do to be healthy, since I read an article and it seemed very interesting to me, in this article I read that we should eat soya because it help us to keep our healthy skin, as well help us to keep our healthy heart, and it helps people who suffer from osteoporosis and cholesterol, in the same way is recommendable to eat many fruits, vegetables and whole grains because it help us to prevent the age-related macular degeneration (ARMD) by 35%, since it affects 1.75 millon americans and is one of the most important causes of blindness in older adults.

Likewise is advisable not smoking, not drinking in excess, do exercise, and maintaining a healthy weight, and to have also a balanced diet, since if we follow those advises we will get reduce the risk of heart disease by 87%. On the other hand, as you know we shouldn´t eat fatty foods because it has a negative impact on our health, but if we take a brish walk after a meal, we can reduce some of the risk of eating too much fat. In the same way is recommendable don´t consume too salt, since it affects seriously our health, and also is very important you drink tea, because it not only replaces fluid but also is rich in disease- preventing antioxidants, one to six cups of tea daily can lower you risk for heart disease and increase your antioxidant status, ok... that´s all for today, have a nice day and follow these important recommendations. Bye.

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