viernes, 31 de octubre de 2008


Hi, how it’s going! Today I´m going to talk about a topic which I believe is very interesting, this topic is called “anorexia”, and I think can be of great importance for you, ok.. Anorexia is a nourishing disorder which begins to develop between ages 12 to 14, or later in adolescence, at about age 17, the cause is unknown, I think this illness could be caused by lack of affection, attention, and love on the part of their parents, and person who suffer it, try to attract attention of any way.

The main symptoms are unnatural or obssesive preoccupation with food, dieting and weight, distorted body image and intense fear of gaining weight, cessation of menstrual periods, excesive exercising,inability to concentrate, lack of energy, weakness, fatigue and depression among others, what is more we can find two types of anorexia. The restricting type, it is when the sick lose weight through of the diet, and she/he does excessive excercise, the other type is the binge- eating purshing and it´s more complicated because can be confused with bulimia. The main symptoms in this type are purgue after eating only small amounts of food, and misusing laxatives, diuretics among others, in the same way there are two important points about the treatment for anorexia, first, denial what is usually up to a family member or close friend to recognize the problem and get the patient into treatment, second continued treatment and monitoring is crucial because anorexia is often a chronic and recurring condition.

Finally I think is very important parents give them all his love, attention, and warmth, in this way anorexics will feel better and will have a great success in his/her treatment.

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