viernes, 10 de octubre de 2008


We’ve been sharing so much time together at school and I’ve come to the conclusion that she’s the one, I’d like to get to know in another level. I thought about it for quite some time because if she says “no” I think that’s going to hurt our friendship, but I’ll take the risk.
I love the way we get along, she seems to understand what I think even before I mention it, and exactly the same happens to me when it comes to her thoughts.
We both have been without a significant relationship for some time now and that gave us the opportunity to share time together until I found she was very important to me.
This happened the day we all had a party. Everyone was there when I arrived but not her I felt lonely without her, I suddenly realized I felt incomplete and that´s when I decided to ask her out on a date, I don’t know what her answer is going to be, but it’s going to happen the same If I don’t ask, so, tonight is the night.

Finally I arrived to her house and I gave her a bunch of flowers, she told me “oh, thanks, the flowers are beautiful”, she was very surprised and I tell her “you are the more beautiful of all the flowers”, I felt embarrased and she was blushed, in that moment she realized of my real intentions, after that I ask her if we could go to my favorite restaurant and she told me “yes, of course, let`s go”, I opened her the door of my car and she told me “how nice of you”, after a while we arrived to my favorite restaurant, it was a elegant restaurant,we sat, and we ordered chinese food, the waiter told us “their orders will be ready in a minute”, I was getting very nervous, I spoke in a trembling voice, my hands and my legs were trembling all the time, I didn’t know how to express her my feelings, we were talking about our families, our job and the school, I took to her house, that night I couldn’t express what I feel for her.

After two days she celebrated her birthday in her house, and I brought some chocolates and a teddy bear for her, then I found the time to declare my love to her, I took her by the hand, I couldn’t take my eyes off her, finally I told her what I felt and she told me “I had been waiting this moment a long time ago, after that give us a kiss and now we are very happy together.

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