viernes, 29 de febrero de 2008


I think this text is very interesting because we can know about different naming traditions used by people in some parts of the world, since for example American president Bill Clinton wasn’t well informed about how he should have referred to the Korean president’s wife, also by this reason American president made an error and koreans felt very offended, likewise I believe would be very important learn strategies or ways which help us to avoid this kind of confusions and I think the best way is ask which names a person would prefer to use and if we can’t say it very well, then we could ask the person to help us pronounce that name appropiately, since in this way people will get be in a good working environment, or in other words if people express correctly when they begin a conversation then people will have friendly relations with people from all over the world.
On the other hand in Mexico is different as well, since a woman marries keeps her maiden name, but also she adds the word “of” after of her husband’s name but is evident it cause some problems when someone go to United States and for example writes his/her name, because in that country people don’t have the same naming traditions than in Mexico, also I learned the number of names a person changes with the culture. But I think only should have one or two names.

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