viernes, 22 de febrero de 2008


Hi! This beautiful day I’m going to write about when I was in high school, first of all I studied in a place known as San Gregorio, therefore I commuted to school in a green car which my father bought in order to my brothers and I could take classes in this school, we took half an hour to get home; also we took classes during all the day, since we started at seven o’clock and we left school at six o’clock, but the best of it is that we had a rest during two hours, what is more my friends and I had fantastic anecdotes for example: I remember when we bought junk food and after that we played hooky to a waterfall , in fact the cows chase us, since we crossed by a ranch, but the next day when we take classes teachers told off us, even so it didn’t have great importance , after all we had a great time.

On the other hand we used to play domino and sometimes we used to play volleyball, also in this school I learned how to cut into fillets of fish, in the same way we prepared ceviche, that’s all for today bye.

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