domingo, 10 de febrero de 2008


Hi! How are you today! I felt very tired but happy...Ok today I’m going to write more about me for that you know better about my life.
First of all my name is Patricia Pérez lorenzo,I’m twenty years old, I was born on May 31st , 1987 and I have two sisters and one brother, I live in Veracruz, in my free time I like listen to music because I felt more relaxed, also I forget my problems, I have always thought that music help me to feel a lot of better when I felt terribly sad or in other words when I’m feeling downhearted,what is more I study at the same time that I listen to music, in the same way when I go to parties and I danced with someone I feel very happy, on the other hand I love play volleyball with my friends on Sundays, usually we play about six o’clock in our yard, I practice this sport because I like to be helthy and it’s great exercise, also I like to go to the beach with my family since I enjoy be in contact with the nature, too I like ride a horse because I like to be outdoors.
My favorite food is the ceviche, also I like sing English song because it help me to improve my pronunciation...Ok that’s all bye.

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jazzman58 dijo...

Please print this entry out for me and bring it to class. I'd like to discuss some mistakes with you so you can take notice of them.
Besides, remember that you have to write at least twice every week in your blog.
Don't get yourself into problems and work harder, please.