viernes, 29 de febrero de 2008


Hi! I think this topic is very interesting, in my opinion Delana is a pretty name even though is unusual and I believe she shouldn’t be worried about it, also Dee sounds nice at least this is how I see it, what is more my name is Patricia but I like everyone call me Patty and I had never felt bad about my name, by the contrary I believe my parents chose the ideal name for me, although when I was in high school my classmates called me patty-pami, but I found it funny, really I don’t took it seriously, on the other hand I do agree with the proffesor Cleveland Kent Evans, since in the same way I think teenagers more than other people concern about their names, likewise they show concern about what other people think of them, in addition to I think that names describe us or in other words names has important meanings which talk about our personality and identify us within of the society also I think when you think about something of your life, the first thing you think of is your name.

For end I think you shouldn’t worry about your name, by the contrary you can find it funny.

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neckbone dijo...

My name is Susan and in the decade I was born, about 4 out of 10 girls were named Susan. I was NEVER the only Susan in a class at school. I always had to be called by my first and last name to distinguish me from the other Susans. One the other hand, I did get out of trouble once for pretending another Susan had written a note in class when it was really me.

All of this caused me to give my daughters unusual names.