viernes, 7 de marzo de 2008


Hi!, at the moment I feel happy because in a week’s time my classmates and I will go away on holiday and really will be fifteen days which we can enjoy with our family, Ok, but changing the subject I’m going to talk about a topic very interesting which talk us about women who would like to keep her maiden names after to get married, in this text, we can see four letters addressed to Ann Lander from different parts of the world such as San Diego, Kansas city and West Hartford, the first letter was written by Mrs. BT- DT, she says that there are few things in life as personal as one’s name and I think she has reason, therefore just because he’s the husband doesn’t give him right to decide which name his wife should use, in other words he should let his future wife to take this kind of decisions and avoid to put pressure her, since I think if a woman take her maiden name it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t love him, also the next letter explain us people never know if matrimony will persist for all life, ok this is my opinion about this topic, see you later, bye.

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