jueves, 13 de marzo de 2008


I think should exist a law in our country, which state that the age to get married is starting from 22 years old and if you are too young, then you must have the permission of your parents, since I believe to become married is very important to be a responsible person, and you need to have maturity enough to know how you should act and control your impulses when you have a problem with your couple, would also be very neccesary to have a good job, because it will help to become stable into family. since if you want to have children is very, very important you remember that children implicate quite a lot responsability, what is more they need attention, therefore you should give them a good education, since one reason to get married is to give a good example to sons and daughters and one of the most imporrtant things in a family is love for each other.

On the other hand I think you should know the other person well enough because he/she could change over the years.

In conclusion, first of all to enjoy your life, after that you can choose very well the person who will be your couple for the rest of your life, to get madurity and make the better decisions, finally you can get married and have a good family, because it is the best thing we can do in this life.

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