jueves, 13 de marzo de 2008


Hello! How are you? I’m fine, but I don’t know about what I can write, Ok I know today I’m going to write about a very interesting topic which I found in a magazine while I was reading, since I like to learn new things, also I think this topic will be of real interest for you.

This article talk us about what we should eat to maintain our brain active at all times, since if we don’t have a balanced diet it can influence memory, learning concentration and decision making, in this article I can see a table which show us the function of some foods as well as their nutrients, for example the fish, walnuts, spinach, soybean oil are essentials to build cell membranes, also including Omega – 3 fatty acids, also the fish, chicken, broccoli, rice, turkey, wheat germ, whole – grain bread, are fundamentals for learning and memory formation, likewise milk products, fish, almonds, peanuts, cheese including tyrosine and are importants for alertness and concentration.

On the other hand is important you know that a diet of fast food can cause fatigue, forgetfulness and concentration problems, but one of the most important things which I realized is that you should include fish in your diet, since according to a study children of mothers who had ingested more fish during pregnacy had higher IQ than others children. Ok that’s all bye.

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