jueves, 27 de marzo de 2008


Hi! How are you? Today I’m going to write about a Topic which I believe will be of interest for you, also I think you can get a surprise, since I was surprised when I read this article, because I used to think that forget important details of our life or forget someone’s name among other things was bad for our health but thanks to this information I changed my way of thinking since according to a study at Stanford University if you can’t remember something or in other words if you are a forgetful person such as when you leave your wallet wherever or where you keep you cell phone and can’t find them, you shouldn’t worry, because forgetting things is not harmful for our brain as most people think. On the contrary it not only helps the brain conserve energy, but also improves our short-term memory and improve efficiency, also a psychologist state that when we want to remember things that are importants, we put much less effort if we have forgotten the things that are not importants.

Finally, I believe this topic is really interesting and should be studied with depth for the future.

Forgetting may be part of the process of remembering.

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