miércoles, 6 de febrero de 2008


When I read about this article I can see some important phrases and expressions, but first of all I’m going to explain what is home schooling.
Home Schooling is a method or style in which children, adolescents or people of all ages can study in house, that’s to say they don’t go to school.


GROWING TREND: It refers to how more and more.,people of all ages are choosing to study from home, since they see it as an option which facilitate their lifes, likewise they believe that will get a good education.

WHAT MAKES: Is a phrase in which this article to makes a difference between students who go to school and who study at home.

MORE IMPORTANTLY: This expression is used to give a lot of emphasis on self- taught person who have immense knowledges.

All THE TIME: This expression refers to how Janie always was learning a new thing at home.

NO MATHER WHAT: It refers to how express Lipscomb forward looking about home schooling.

For end I learned new words such as:

DEAN: A senior official in a university of college.
SOPHOMORE: A second year student at a school or university.
OVERCOME: To deal succesfully with; to defeat.
LACK: The absence of what is needed or usual.

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