viernes, 15 de febrero de 2008


Ok, today I’m going to write about Tampico.
Which idea in the text is the most general?.

A great winter vacation spot.
A fantastic place for families to visit with lots to do.
A convenient location for trips to the beach.
A city of historical interest.

Tampico is a terrific city! You can get a lot of fun since it has interesting places which you could visit, for example you can go to the Miramar beach. This beatiful beach is aproximately located an hour from Tampico’s historical downtown, also is a nice place for foreign tourists where you can know new people and make new friends, really you can have a great time, likewise you will enjoy a sunny day, what is more if you go with all your family and your friends, you will have the opportunity of realize incredible activities and coexist with them. At the end of the road you will enjoy a beautiful scenery as well as the entrance and departure of enormous ships.

On the other hand if you enjoy to be in contact with the nature you can visit the carpintero lagoon, also if you have children you will find a playgrounds where they easily will get entertainment, also you can go to the Plaza de armas, in this square you will be able to see squirrels climbing trees, too you will find the Liberty Square where you will see beautiful buildings, in addiction you can visit the house of the culture, it has several areas that frequently hold paint exhibitions, sculptures, and other cultural events of great interest, also you could visit The Flower’s Pyramid,The cathedral, The Chairel Lagoon among others.


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Watch out those misspelled words, you should be familiar with many of the words you're using in your entry. Try to double-check before you post your entry.