viernes, 15 de febrero de 2008


Hi! How are you today! This day I’m going to write about my qualities.

I think my most positive quality is that I’m very supportive.
I’m the kind of person who likes to help to the people when they more need it, and I always try to give good advices to my friends, in this way they could make better decisions. For example last week my best friend was very worried because she had had some troubles with her family, then I said her that will take her time to think it over and after to talk with my friend she felts better.
On the other hand when I find people in the street very needy of money I give them some coins

I think that to help to the people is the most beautiful around the world.

My most negative quality is that I’m very shy, because I feel embarrased when I’m speaking in front of my classmates or large groups. For example I remember the last semester when I had an exposition about “The structure sentence”, I felt very nervous and embarrased, but the worst of all is that I felt too insecure.
Finally I believe that went a nasty experience, but I want to put it down to experience; I will never forget it because I would like to be more active.

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