viernes, 5 de septiembre de 2008


Hi, how are you? Today I’m going to talk about an article what I read and I believe is very interesting for you, by this reason is important you follow some advices that I will give you to be a good father, ok.first of all I think to be a good father is a difficult task and a big responsability,but above all is a great blessing, therefore as a parent you should guide and educate to your sons with a lot of love and shouldn’t control them, because in this way you won’t be able to maintain a good relationship with your son, also you should be a good friend, since if for example your son has a problem you should listen him with attention and give him good advises, this way you will help to your son, and she/he will make the better decisions, and in the future your sons will be very grateful with you, also I think is very important you give a good example to your sons because they will learn from you; probably you can teach them how should treat a woman, or how to care his family and other such things, what is more you should respect their opinions and decisions, as well is important to tell the truth to your son about something, because it will give trust him.

On the other hand I think an important factor is give affection and warmth to your sons and don’t be afraid to tell your child “I love you”, also you should play with him and have a lot of fun, in the same way you should have good communication with your son and to keep a good sense of humor, finally is important you show support and love through actions, ok I believe with these advises you can be a good father, ok that’s all see you next week. Bye.

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