viernes, 26 de septiembre de 2008


Hi, how are you?, today I’m going to talk about an article what I read and I believe is very important you can learn about it. Ok.. first of all this article talk us about how we should help to needy people from all over the world, I think also if you want to help people, you can find a way of doing something to help them, because they need us.

On the other hand and to my way of thinking I believe that Nora taught an important lesson to her father, and he learnt about it, since she was noticing suffering and poverty in the world, I think Nora is a good person with a great heart, therefore we should follow Nora’s example; I remember one day when I gave toys to poor children, I felt really happy because I realized how they cheered up, I saw their faces fulls of happiness, and it gave me a great satisfaction.

In the same way I think some people volunteer to help others because they are kind-hearted, and they like to make happy to people, since they feel a great emotion, by this reason I believe they are heroes because they carry out an important labour in their lifes, and I think they help to people with all their warmth and love, as well I believe the author and his daughter benefited from the visits because they helped to people to feel better emotionally, also I think he author was motivated to begin doing volunteer work thanks to her daughter because she gives a lot of love to people who more need it.

Finally I think to help to people is the most wonderful around the world.

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