viernes, 29 de agosto de 2008


Hi, how are you?, today I’m going to talk about clothes, first of all, I think before you go any important place, you should choose very well, what kind of clothes you will wear, because it talk very much about your personality, in my personal opinion I think you should wear clothes what you feel comfortable.

On the other hand when people look at me and the clothes I wear, they can get and idea general of the kind of person I’m. For example I like to be in contact with the nature, what is more I’m nature lover, I like to learn new things, In the same way I like to meet new people and I like to visit new places, I’m a supportive person because I enjoy to help to people, I like to practice voleivol, I enjoy to dance, I’m friendly, shy, honest, very polite, but sometimes I’m temperamental, above all I like to be with my family. Therefore, I prefer to wear comfortable clothes like jeans and pretty blouses, but depending the ocasion is how I dress, for example if I have to give a speech at university I try to wear formal clothes but comfortable, and if I go to a big party I wear elegant clothes but comfortable, I like to wear color combinations like red with white, black with pink, beige with red, blue with black,etc.I don’t like extravagant clothes, I prefer clothes with no luxurys, I think that’s why I’m sincere person.

If I wear pretty, formal and elegant clothes it doesn’t mean my clothes aren’t comfortable, ok. I believe that’s all, bye.

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