viernes, 22 de agosto de 2008


Hi, how are you, today I’m going to talk about a friend who is very special for me, or in other words about my best friend, her name is Eva, and she is someone who is sociable, modest, supportive and she has a good sense of humor, she is not a egotistical, stingy, intolerant person, she also forever is with me when I have troubles, is someone who is very sincere with people, but sometimes is temperamental, she is a good person.

My best friend, eva, and I are different in many ways, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t be great friends; also we have one important thing in common, since when I want to visit any important place or when I want to go shopping she always goes with me.

The differences between Eva and me are significant, in spite of we are studying the same career, she is very talkative and I’m quiet, also she is Christian and I’m Catholic, therefore she likes to listen Christian music and I enjoy listening all kind of music, also I hate to eat a lot of junk food, I prefer having a well balanced diet, and she likes to eat junk food, in the same way we have different customs.

Still, eva and I both love meeting new people, and to make new friends, I discovered this shortly after we met three years ago. One day I invited her to eat in my house and she was talking with my sister for a long time, in that moment I realized she was a friendly person.

Although our personalities are quite different Eva and I are great friends, and we now have a very special friendship, we have shared important moments of our life. I think the main reason for this is that we respect the ideas and opinions of each other.

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