viernes, 4 de abril de 2008


Hi! Today I’m going to write about a Topic which I believe is very interesting, but to start with I would like to ask a question, how many siblings do you have? One, two, three or four, because depending the number of siblings you have may seriously affect your life, since according to a Norwegian study older children might suffer a brain tumor and younger children could be gays, in the same way as I understand it first borns obtain more knowledge or intelligence than second borns. For example an oldest child has probability of end up intellectual careers and their also parents offer them more attention than older children. On the other hand second borns and middle children are who make good negotiators and hold a lot of friends and the youngest are more likely to be artistic and creative, but these differences might be caused by childs environment after birth, in my opinion, I’m totally disagree, since I think younger children are more intelligents than older children.
Finally, I believe this topic should be studied with depth, in this way students could retain a wide knowledge.

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